The Authorities of Ten

the authorities of Ten called on him, hearing as he was, blessed with

phonographic memory .

and gainfully implored him to eves drop certain characters as they sip caffeinated drinks at the Bohemian Cafe’ and thus, out-Google Google, so by a simple tap of a key,  one might hear as well as see, a satellite image of this or that ordinary location on Earth:


“Cute.”  “But, in my lifetime…”  “Let that be a lesson.”  “The baseline of the church–”   “I’ve taught so many classes…”  “How are you today?”  “Devastating.”  “Is this a two-layer cake?”  “It was Auschwitz!”  “Don’t crack up–”  “I probably don’t need to, but I do.”  “Really!”  “Who said that?”  “Usually it’s me…”  “Really fine–”  “I don’t know what day it is–”  “I’ve heard that before.”  “Isn’t that like a doughnut?”  “You better get it in today–”  “Do you have a shredder?”  “Men adore you [that was Nat King Cole]…”  “There’s a lot of food in the world…”  “Not in my lifetime.”

…And the more he heard, the more he whirled; the more eves he dropped, the more fleece he shopped; the less he watched, the less he thought…

Was there a time when we lived as if nothing we said or did would be digitalized?




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